Terrific Tuesday

follow site Our first full day has been and gone on Week 2 of the Living Your Faith Summer Camps.

follow site We started the day with hearing from Fr Tom about hope and why it is so important for our future, and how we can help to show others that hope. We took that theme into our small groups to discuss it, and also to think about our big hopes for the future and our little hopes for the day. We then shared them with everyone else. We then went back in to our small groups and prepared for Mass which we had before lunch. It was the feast day of the Assumption, and so there was a large focus on Mary during the day, especially in Mass. There was some fantastic singing during Mass and some wonderful harmonies, it really added to the wonderful celebration.

http://feveda.com.ve/mefistofel/435 In the afternoon, we took part in ‘Pat’s Challenge’ which was led by Fr Tom in his absence this year. The challenge was to build a chariot for a pig to go and collect apples from the orchard and bring them back to the sty. There was some excellent teamwork skills, some fantastic designs and some very competitive people! It was a close run thing in the end! We then headed outside into the sunshine for some water bomb games where lots of people got very wet indeed!

metformin prices After dinner, we then had a series of games and challenges which included Splat the Rat, actions to a hymn and a paper tower. It was a really good fun evening where everyone entered into the spirit of it and tried their best for their team. It was brilliantly led by Tom Osman as well. We then had a lovely night prayer led by Henry which had some fantastic singing in again. And all too soon it was off to bed to get ready for Wednesday! A really good fun and sociable day with some fantastic moments!