A young person in prayer during Summer Camp 2017.


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Multipli e sottomultipli del Sistema Internazionale e prefissi dei multipli enter The weeks are underpinned by a sharing and living of our Christian Faith. We hold a catechesis session everyday which is delivered by a variety of people, this is then followed by small group sharing which allows our young people to really delve deeper into their faith and ask lots of questions in a safe and secure environment. Mass is celebrated each day, indeed Mass is how our week begins and ends. The young people are encouraged to contribute and actively participate in different areas of the Mass to think a little deeper about their faith and why we do what we do during Mass.


follow As well as catechesis and Mass, the young people on camp will participate in some of the outdoor activities that are on offer at Viney Hill such as archery, climbing and biking. There will also be a range of other activities such as a quiz night, camp fire, craft activities, woodland walks and messy games night.


site de rencontre totalement gratuit a 100 Each year the children and young people leave after our final Mass full of life, full of confidence for who they are and what their faith means to them. Living Your Faith means so many things, and to live it is a challenge we enjoy and fully participate in during our week together.